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2022 Heinrich Wieland Prize: Image Gallery

Xiaowei Zhuang of Harvard University in Cambridge, USA, will receive the 2022 Heinrich Wieland Prize of the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation worth 100,000 euros on 6 October for making seminal discoveries in cell and neurobiology with the ingenious imaging technologies she developed. Thanks to her work we can observe how structures about 100 atoms wide do their work in human cells and get clear snapshots of the activity of 10,000 genes within one cell at the same time. Over the past 16 years, Professor Zhuang along with scientists worldwide have gained valuable insights into complex biological processes using STORM, her super-resolution method, and MERFISH, her genome-scale imaging method.

Below, you will find a selection of the stunning images she has generated with STORM and MERFISH.

All images copyright Xiaowei Zhuang, HHMI, Harvard University

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